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Brunch and Two Dinners

Yesterday, while I was creating next week’s menus for my client cookdates, I had the Cooking Channel on for background noise.  I really do better with music, but it had been awhile since I spent any time at all watching … Continue reading

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It’s Hot, yes, but I’m craving a hot cooked meal!

Very typical for me in the heat, is to enjoy so many wonderful light meals or just a loaded up salad, often adding cheese, bacon, hardboiled eggs, even cold cuts or leftover grilled chicken to satisfy my craving for protein.  But … Continue reading

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Fig and Goat Cheese Pizza

Can’t imagine improving on two of my favorite ingredients Fresh Figs and Goat Cheese.  We love, love, love, Fig and Goat Cheese Pizza.  Have made it on Naan Bread, Pocketless Pitas, and pre-made pizza doughs.  Always pretty straight forward, olive … Continue reading

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