As a Personal Chef, I am a Certified Member of the American Personal & Private Chef Association; Certified Safe Food Handler; and a fully insured business owner/operator.

As the TRAVELING CULINARY ARTIST, I am creating tasty mealtime solutions for today’s busy households, providing my service for people who want to enjoy nutritious, well-prepared food in the comfort of their own home.

As a member of the APPCA, I contribute to, and receive support from, a Professional group of my peers, freely sharing experiences, hints, tricks, resources and recipes, as well as praise and criticism as needed.

As a Husband, Father, Father-in-Law and Grandfather, I enjoy the ability to have a flexible schedule that allows me to enjoy my growing family while fulfilling the needs and desires of my clients.

As a blogger, I hope to share my enthusisam for turning fresh ingredients into tasty dishes with other foodies who enjoy reading about and eating great food!


As a young boy of 13, I began learning my craft at home, cooking the nightly supper for my family after Mom returned to the workforce.  She taught me to cook her limited repertoire over the phone and via quickly scribbled notes. I have never stopped learning and practicing the art of cooking.  My passion has been fueled by food magazines, cookbooks, TV demonstrations and fine dining experiences.

As a college student, I expanded my audience by regularly cooking dinner parties for fellow students and   co-workers.  The passion for entertaining would fortunately be shared by my wife and our best friend.     Ultimately, the three of us would spend our spare time together in the kitchen creating 7 course meals for 12 every New Year’s Eve.  Those satiated guests encouraged us to do what we loved professionally.

As a 1/3 partner in JKM Productions, a small in-home catering company, I was able to hone my skills at producing intimate gourmet dinner parties as well as backyard weddings for 200 guests.  After a five-year period, the partners realized that the part-time successes were hard work, especially, while simultaneously pursuing non-food vocations and all moved on to be successful in their respective careers.

As a busy toy-retailer, I missed practicing my passion for cooking and fifteen years after leaving the catering business decided to pursue the exciting career path of being a Personal Chef.


  •  Shopping for the freshest ingredients and using them to create delicious meals. Both, for my clients and my family and friends.
  • Enjoy the pursuit of the lastes fine dining experiences; celebrity chefs; newest food trends; cooking gadgetry; and televised cooking competitions.
  • Collecting, reading and cooking from the Cookbooks in my extensive and ever-expanding collection (somewhere over 400!) as well as the many food magazines and of course the World Wide Web of blogs, recipes sites and video demos.
  • Recipe and Menu Development especially when challenged with new techniques and/or ingredients.
  • Conversing with fellow foodies about our passion for good. fresh. well-prepared food and wine.

Living in New York

I’ve been a New Yorker for over 40 years, even the 4 years we lived in the mid-west, my heart was still in New York City.  When I arrived here I was thrilled to be pursuing a career in fashion retail in the “capital” of that industry.  Enjoying ethnic neighborhood eateries was my second passion, closely followed by enjoying  the availability of the many cultural venues.  Sharing it with my beloved wife, Kathy, was and is just as thrilling. All these years later, we still get excited when we discover a new (to us) restaurant, gourmet shop or neighborhood.

Our pursuit of casual and fine dining experiences is never-ending and we are continuously avidly reading restaurant reviews following our favorite chefs and comparing notes. And of course the shopping possibilities–in Manhattan: Eataly, Chelsea Market, Union Square Greenmarket, oversized Whole Foods emporiums to the tiny ethnic shops in Soho, Little Italy, East and West Village and Forest Hills & Jackson Heights in Queens, Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, Williamsburg & Dumbo and much more in Brooklyn.  Other favorites include Trader Joe’s, Fairway, North Shore Farms and local farm stands on Long Island! 

Quite simply New York is a never-ending, never-static foodies heaven!

Eat well…be well!

                              Chef Jim