Farm Bounty


We made a trek to Old Brookville, Long Island to Rottkamp’s Farm with Charlie, he enjoys seeing the tractors, fresh flowers and tons of veggies at the farm.

We came home with Green Leaf Lettuce, Escarole, Radishes, Green/Red Peppers, Green and Yellow Zucchini, Lavender Eggplant, plum tomatoes and of course corn.

Late summer Long Island Corn is probably my favorite!  So yellow and so sweet! We ate two ears Friday night roasted in the oven unshucked and have decided to head back to the farm Sunday with a dear friend and gather some more.  This corn had been picked in the morning before we bought it and was amazingly fresh!

The plan is to prepare an amazing pot of Ratatouille.  I set upon making my roasted ratatouille–enough to last us several meals.  I roasted 1/2 of the plum tomatoes by slicing them in half lengthwise, seasoning with salt, pepper, Penzey’s Tuscan Sunset and olive oil.  Roasted in hot oven cut side down until the skins were blistered.  Removed the skins and reserved the tomato pulp and liquid for the base of the vegetable stew.

The other 1/2 of the plum tomatoes were sliced, 1/2″ thick crosswise, seasoned as above and roasted to be used in other recipes.

Next I sliced red and white onions, the peppers and chopped a few garlic cloves.  This was tossed with the same seasonings and put on baking sheet then put directly onto the pizza stone at the bottom of the oven.  This ensures a good caramelization as you can see on the after picture on the right!

The Zucchinis and eggplants were sliced and seasoned and roasted until slightly browned.


I also roasted a can of chick peas seasoned with salt, pepper, paprika and roasted garlic powder, tossed in olive oil and also roasted in a small baking sheet on the pizza stone!

All cooked veggies were then combined and simmered in the dutch oven for 30 minutes to blend the flavors adding torn fresh basil leaves.

IMG_2160 (1)

Tonight’s dinner was Ratatouille & Herbed Goat Cheese Flatbread Pizza with more torn basil and balsamic glaze, and salad with green leaf lettuce, roasted beets, sliced radishes, slivered almonds and Honey Mustard Vinaigrette.


The addition of the chickpeas has been around awhile but this was my first time and we enjoyed it for a new variation.  Some of the ratatouille will be served over pasta with a dollop of ricotta and/or pesto! And probably as a side condiment to grilled chicken breasts!  Also possibly in an omelet!  Mmmmmmm so many ideas!

Dessert was Fresh Fig & Maple Tarte Tatin w/Vanilla Ice Cream!  The Tatin was simple Maple Syrup and butter boiled down and vanilla added, then the figs and puff pastry.  Made it in my new 10″ cast iron skillet.  It was wonderful, slightly syrupy, would probably cook it down further before adding the figs next time!

I scored 2 pounds of fresh figs @Trader Joe’s and decided that one way to use them was for dessert.  Probable next use will be Fig, Prosciutto, Goat Cheese Flatbread Pizza topped with Fresh Spinach!

Looking forward to our visit to Young’s Farm tomorrow and possibly revisit Rottkamp’s for the corn!!

Eat Well….Be Well!





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