The Gifted Tagine

The Tagine!

A friend/client gifted us a beautiful Staub Ceramic Tagine a few weeks ago and I’ve been anxious to try it out.  I’ve used Tagine recipes in my enameled cast iron French Ovens and even in my Pressure Cooker, with decent results. But this would be a more authentic way of creating a Moroccan Meal.

Originally, I had chosen as simpler recipe of Chicken Thighs smothered in Olives.  Had purchased the ingredients needed and got busy with life and other stuff so didn’t make the dish.  Woke up today determined to make it and reread the recipe and decided while it might be an OK recipe it wasn’t a serious Tagine with enough of the Moroccan flavors I love.  Found a recipe by Michael Ruhlman that sounded wonderful.  See the recipe here.

Twenty-three ingredients makes it sound daunting! But I actually had all of them except for the Spanish Onion and I decided I’d prefer roasted red and yellow peppers (jarred and sold at Trader Joe’s) stirred into the stew at the end rather than raw red and yellow peppers Michael listed.

After purchasing the missing items I headed to the kitchen to create a Moroccan Meal for the two of us, planning the leftovers for another night at the Kasbah!

Here’s the Tagine simmering before covering picture:

The Simmering Stew


To accompany the awesome Tagine I made Whole Wheat Couscous with Peas & Mint and Roasted Huge Beet halves glazed with Orange Juice/Cardamom/Turkish Honey reduction.

The Dinner Plate!

A great meal lot’s of great flavors.  An absolute labor of love, prep heavy, lots of spices, amazing results!  And the genuine cooking vessel made it tasty.  The steam from the simmering stew rises into the cone of the lid, condenses and drips back into the stew enhancing the flavors, nothing is “boiled away”. The Gifted Tagine has found a home and will be used often!

Eat Well…Be Well!



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