Summer Dinner for two


Coffee Spice Rubbed Baby Back Ribs baked in the oven and slathered with a bit of bourbon BBQ sauce!

Side Dish from heaven:  Roasted Baby Potatoes and White radishes with Radish Green Pesto!  Recipe from a fellow Personal Chef, Carol Borchardt can be found on her blog here.

We scored the white radishes at the Farm we enjoy visiting in Brookville, Long Island.  The stems on thiese 3-4 inch radishes were over a food long with huge beautiful leaves.  The people at the farm wanted to cut the greens off and DW said NO-he’s gonna make Pesto with them!  They were impressed!  And that’s exactly what I did!

Eat Well…Be Well!


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2 Responses to Summer Dinner for two

  1. Madison Ann says:

    Found the pesto recipe. Where’s the details on the roasting part?


    • Chef Jim says:

      Toss potatoes and radishes with olive oil, salt and pepper and any herb if you like I used rosemary and of course GARLIC! Roast @ 400 until done depending on size of potatoes.


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