Smart Chef Trick?

I’m always shy about sharing smart tricks I discover while in the kitchen, because I’m always sure that I’m the last to discover a trick and that everyone else has been doing  for years!  But anyway here goes!

While making Burgers Stuffed with Brie & Fig (recipe here)  I wanted the top and bottom patties to be exactly the same size and I struggle with that when pressing them by hand, so I grabbed the egg rings (like these) and formed 4 perfect patties.

The bonus was that after grilling they were perfectly sized for the Trader Joe’s Brioche Rolls we prefer for our burgers these days!

PS the recipe is a keeper!


In another note, today we tested an amuse bouche we plan to use for a dinner party later this week.  Watermelon cube with a small carved dimple filled with Balsamic Syrup and garnished with Mint leaf.  We are planning to use a few strands of Mint Chiffonade  in place of the leaf!




Amuse Bouche

Amuse Bouche


Eat Well….Be Well!

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