A Little Fun on a Damp, Rainy April like Day in May!

A friend’s friend posted a link to an article in Los Angeles Magazine on FB and it got me to thinking and I had to share my own thoughts on the subject. The article: The 10 Most Annoying Words and Phrases on Menus, Ranked  can be read here: http://goo.gl/55bc8X

My thoughts are following each of their categories so after reading the article they will make more sense.

10. Unnecessary French Words

I googled Bavette and found it to be used for a pasta shape as well and a Mario recipe for “Bavette & Singing Scallops”  enuf said!

9. Nonsensical menu categories

Because everyone knows “More than a Mouthful is a waste”!

8. Share Plates, Small Plates, Family Style

Updated Nouvelle Cuisine = Mo’ Money!

7. Foams and other Magic Tricks

Frustrated Chemistry Class Flunkies

6. Name Dropping the Farm

What?  Sysco isn’t a farm in Nebraska?

5. Words that mean literally nothing

Curated = Over-paid menu writer

Artisinal = Non-Sysco ingredients

Natural = At some point had a relationship with the Earth

Hand Selected = Thank God, not Foot Selected

4. Foraged Anything

Commonly know as “grocery shopping”

3. Deconstructed Anything

Visual when I hear this:  Deconstructed Lasagna: Container of Ricotta, Box of Lasagna Noodles, Hunk of Mozzarella, Jar of Marinara……..

2. Single Word Dish Descriptors

As in Burger = Mystery Meat

  1. Menu Substitutions Politely Decline

My favorite was: Can I have the Onion Frittata without the Onions?????????????


Hope you enjoyed the giggles!

Eat Well…Be Well!


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