Driving to client’s apartment in Brooklyn yesterday I was pleased with my timing as there were no tie-ups or delays in my route, that is, until I was a block away.  Not only was the street I was traveling on backed up for construction, the street I would turn onto to reach the parallel street where the client lives, was completely closed.  Ended up going 4 blocks out of my way to finally reach the building.

Unloaded my kit and groceries into the lobby and proceeded to look for street parking.  Trying to avoid the construction zones I had to drive 8 blocks due to one-way streets!  Twenty minutes later I parked and walked the 5 blocks back to the building.

Loaded my kit and groceries onto an empty elevator, being the only passenger I headed to the 17th Floor.  When the elevator stopped I got off and since the client’s apartment is on the corner of the building, furthest away from the elevator, it took me three trips to get everything in front of the door.  I looked up just as I was about to ring the bell to find out I was standing in front of 1401 instead of 1701!!!

Three trips back to elevator and up three more stories where I did the kit and grocery shuffle again!  Clients’ greeting: We were getting worried about you!!

Once unpacked and organized I preheated the oven after removing the pizza stone.  Placed the sheet pan of Butternut Squash cubes to be roasted inside the oven and proceeded to prep next dish.  I suddenly noticed the kitchen was filling with smoke from the oven. I  quickly opened it hoping the squash wasn’t burning!  I look on bottom rack and it looks like a broiler pan was there so I’m figuring it was full of grease and not cleaned.  When I pull it out, I realize there was probably something made from black plastic, in the stack of oven rack and this gridlike sheet as that is what was making the smoke, noxious fumes and all around sticky mess.

Turns out it was a black plastic tray that @450º melted rapidly! Grid of pan is coated in black plastic, oven rack seems to have received more than it’s share of glop!

The next several recipes when along smoothly until time to saute the Garlic Sauteed Spinach.  I opened three bags of spinach, sauteed the first after garlic was ready, picked up second bag that wasn’t quite open enough so over pot I pull the bag to open it wider and the spinach splattered all over the place, but mostly as fate would have it all over the stove top!  Spinach, hot stovetop.  You haven’t lived until you’ve tried to regather the spinach leaves that are literally melting to the stove top after a few hours of running the oven @high temps!

At the end of the day I repack and drag the kit to the elevators and store them in the lobby while I retrieve the car!

So I was leaving a client’s apartment, @4:45 p.m. heading to the car which was parked on the street in Brooklyn 5 blocks away. I could see a VERY dark sky in the distance. Was hoping it would not hit the neighborhood where I was until after I drove back to the bldg to get my “kit”. Started the car and drove to corner to turn right when it was like someone turned the lights off! Dark as midnight! By the time I drove the 9 block detour via one-ways and construction zones to get to her building the skies opened up and I was saying: Are we in Kansas Toto? The wind was swirling. I got completely drenched loading my kit into the car! And a 30 minute drive home was 1 1/4 hours crawling!! I can actually walk it faster!!

And just to add excitement to the drive the You Need Gas, Fool  light came on while sitting in a massive traffic jam where I moved @5 miles per hour!  Besides there being a dearth of gas stations along this route there were cars parked on both sides of the street and very few places to push the car out of the slow-moving traffic should the need arise!  I know I should have between 30 & 40 miles worth of gas in the tank, but given the slow pace I was traveling I’m calculating that I may not survive the several trips around my own 4 block path in search of parking in my neighborhood!

Made it to local gas station and filled up before taking 6 passes around the I Need A Parking Space loop!  Gave in and parked in the commercial area which requires me to move it before 730 a.m. so they may “clean” the street before the stores open!  Did I mention it was still raining?

The good news was Nana successfully prepared Spaghetti & Meatballs for dinner!



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1 Response to CRAZY DAZE ARE HERE AGAIN………….

  1. Piper Wilder says:

    OMG! Only you could find humor in what normally is A MURPHYS LAW DAY… I am sorry but haven’t laughed so hard in weeks…..Yes when it rains it pours day….thank goodness for good eats at home….. I could actually if believe it or not , top this scenario off… to a future blog post…. Meantime, hope got to recuperate this lovely Fall Saturday…


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