Trying to be a good, loving husband/resident chef/caretaker, I decided to roast a chicken and then make chicken soup for my ailing wife who came down with a lousy cold yesterday.

Spatchcocked the chicken, slid herb crusted slices of lemon under the skin, seasoned the out side with kosher salt and lemon pepper and drizzle of olive oil.  Placed the prepped bird on a parchment paper lined sheet pan, add the chicken back that I cut out to flatten the bird to the sheet pan along with a variety of vegetables to use in the broth.

Into hot oven for 15 minutes, reduced oven temp a bit and after another 20 minutes pulled the pan out to check the internal temps.  More time needed so opened the oven door and slid the pan back onto the shelf and at the last minute before closing the door I brilliantly deduced that I should rotate the pan for the finishing time.  As I’m swiveling the pan around the weight of the chicken shifts and the pan slides off the shelf dumping the lovely lemony juices, vegetables, chicken back and whole chicken onto the open oven door!


Slew of expletives fly, no one is listening. I hastily reset the pan on the shelf and with tongs and spatula carefully return the goodies to the pan and watch as the lovely juices drip between the door and oven wall into the warming drawer below the oven and on the floor!

Guess there will be an oven-cleaning cycle in my near future!!!!!!!

And of course the chicken needs to finish cooking but the lovely oven temp is now 280º.  Switched to Convection Roast and 450º hoping all is good when I go to pull it out next time!

Oven Door Roasted Chicken!

Oven Door Roasted Chicken!

MORE EXPLETIVES!  Is it time to return to bed for the day?

Actually doesn’t look too bad, smells amazing!  However, I strongly don’t recommend copy cat versions!!!

Eat Well….Be Well!

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8 Responses to STUPID CHEF TRICK for today!

  1. sallybr says:

    Oh, I feel your pain…. I really do!

    you know what is amazing? I ALMOST did the same with pork cutlets that I placed in our electric Breville oven to finish cooking after breading and frying – the pan slipped out but only for a miracle I managed to stop it short of making a huge mess – and probably burning myself in the process

    I hope by now your kitchen is spotless clean…. and your wife 100% healed! You are a wonderful husband…


    • Chef Jim says:

      Sally, messy messy, messy! I cleaned the floor, the warming drawer and out side of stove, tomorrow will do the self-cleaning cycle for the oven!!! It’s been reported that the soup was wonderful!


  2. outamoney says:

    Ugh….I hate when that happens…………

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  3. Linda Paris says:

    Did Kathy get her soup?


  4. Chef Jim says:

    Linda, yes she did and enjoyed it, hoping the healing properties weren’t disturbed!


  5. Sandra says:

    Hate when that happens! And it has happened… Good thing chickie and accessories (not to mention hot chickie fat) didn’t hit the floor.


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