Dinner from the pantry & fridge!

Sorry no pics, just quick description.

Saturday asked Nana to pick up some fresh basil on the way home from work to go into a dish I was creating that ended with good results, not much to brag about really,  Just some toasted orzo, sauteed baby zucchini, roasted cherry tomatoes, shrimp and Feta cheese and of course the basil.  Only needed a little of the bunch of basil, but it was amazingly fresh, bright green and fragrant.

Instantly a plan to make pesto from the rest was formed.  But Sunday night we spent away from home and didn’t get to make the pesto.  Monday revealed the basil held perfectly in the herb drawer of the fridge.

I made the pesto and then changed my mind four times and finally figured out what to do with it, here’s a description of the results:

Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast halves sliced and pounded out, spread pesto, layer roasted red pepper and sliced provolone.  Rolled up and secured with toothpicks, then brushed with EVOO and rolled in seasoned bread crumb & grated parmesan cheese mixture.  Baked @40 for 30 minutes and our main course was set.

Gathering things from the fridge for the side dish revealed Broccoli florets, Yellow String Beans, and radishes.  Blanched the beans and broccoli and shocked.  Wok heated with olive oil sauteed garlic and chili flakes, tossed in radishes until lightly sauteed, tossed in beans and broccoli and Penzey’s Tuscan Herbs.  Finished with a splash of Champagne Vinegar and served with a plop of Pesto!

Very satisfying meal!

Eat Well…Be Well!

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4 Responses to Dinner from the pantry & fridge!

  1. nanahuff1999 says:

    This was an awesome meal. I only ate one of my pieces of chicken. I think that I will take it to work tomorrow/with a small piece of italian bread. I will slice down the chicken and toast the bread. Another great meal by Chef Jim.


  2. rene says:

    PLOP should be a measurement on a set of measuring spoons!!! xo


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