More Recipe Elevation

In the spirit of elevation I’ve adapted another favorite recipe.   The original was Chicken Thighs with Apples and Almonds.  The “sauce” is made with brown sugar and mustard.

The elevation began with my search for a recipe for pork tenderloin with apples.  I have close to 20 versions in my Mastercook Program and the vast Internet provided another 30 without much trouble searching!  But the only ones calling out to me had additional ingredients that I didn’t have on hand!

And it was time to get cooking!  That’s when I thought of the chicken dish that we haven’t had in a long time.  I had made it recently for a client and I made a mental note to do it at home again, soon.

Here’s the original recipe:

Chicken with Apples and Almonds

Serving Size  : 6
Categories    : Poultry

Amount  Measure       Ingredient — Preparation Method
——–  ————  ——————————–
6                     pieces of foil
12                    boneless skinless chicken thighs — or 6 boneless skinless chicken breast halves
1/4      teaspoon  kosher salt
1/8      teaspoon  ground black pepper
3             medium  apples — each cored and cut into 8 wedges
1/2           cup  packed brown sugar
1/4           cup  Dijon mustard
1         tablespoon  flour, all-purpose
1/4           cup  sliced almonds
1/4      teaspoon  Ground cinnamon

Pre-heat oven to 450°F.

Spray foil sheets w/non-stick cooking spray.  Season Chicken with salt and pepper, place two thighs on each foil sheet.  Add 4 apple wedges on top of chicken.

Combine brown sugar, Dijon mustard and flour until well mixed, spread over the top of chicken and apples.

Sprinkle almonds and cinnamon over the chicken and apples.

Seal the foil packets and place on a baking sheet.

Bake in the oven for 20-30 minutes.  Carefully open the packets to let the steam escape and serve one packet per person.

Personally, I prefer the thighs but have successfully pleased clients with the breasts.  For them, since it is being stored for later consumption I recommend bringing the breasts for an hour or so before proceeding with the recipe.  Guarantees a more moist result.

So for the pork tenderloin version I took one large piece of foil placed the seasoned tenderloin in the center, spread the sugar/mustard mixture over the pork and nestled the apple wedges around the pork.  Sprinkled the Almonds and Cinnamon over the top of everything and added a sprinkle of ground ginger for some added spice!

Pork Tenderloin to be sliced!

Pork Tenderloin to be sliced!

I opened the packet and pulled the tenderloin out to slice leaving behind the apples and sauce.  Once it rested I sliced into 1 1/2″ slices, plated and spooned on apples and sauce.   Served with roasted Cauliflower coated with Smoked Paprika and a tossed salad with Ranch Dressing.

Pork Tenderloin w/Apples & Almonds and Roasted Cauliflower!

Pork Tenderloin w/Apples & Almonds and Roasted Cauliflower!

The tenderloin was small and just enough for the two of us, Nana’s comment about her very clean plate was: “Sorry I didn’t like it, please make this again!”  Sarcasm at her best!

For the next go round I might use coarse ground mustard mixed with smooth Dijon to give a little more “bite”.

Eat Well….Be Well!




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3 Responses to More Recipe Elevation

  1. The Editors of Garden Variety says:

    Your dish looks divine. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!


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