The return of the fridge!

The repairman returned today with the motherboard and repaired our fridge and all is well in the kitchen!   However, it wasn’t just a simple decision to just let the repair occur.  This possessed piece of kitchen equipment decided somewhere between Friday morning and Saturday evening to come back from its self-imposed furlough!  When Nana returned home from her Charlie/Tiffany visit, she didn’t hear the muffled beeping and was sure it had finally died completely!  Lo and behold, when she opened the French Doors to the refrigerator section she was met with a blast of cold air!  What a surprise.  Exactly 7 days later it returned and on Sunday started making ice again!

We hemmed and hawed and finally agreed it wasn’t worth taking a chance that this fluke was only a temporary reboot of the mother board and that it was simply a matter of time when it decided to pop off again, costing us more money in lost foods.

I’ll sleep well tonight trusting that the LG is crankin’ the cold and will do so uneventfully for a long time to come, at least another 5 years!  Fingers & toes are crossed.

Eat Well….Be Well!


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