Day 2 of Fridge’s Furlough (self-imposed)


Yep, you read that right, our 5 year 5 month old wonderful french door refrigerator has taken a leave of absence, unauthorized mind you!  Woke up Saturday morning to make my ice water and thought the ice blanket I had placed in the freezer Friday night should have been more solidly frozen.  Then when I was in the fridge section to get the water the door started beeping its reminder way before it should have.  After closing the door it seemed as if it beeped again yet very muffled.

When Nana got up she could still here the muffled beeping and checked the doors, all three perfectly closed.  Then the investigation began, no. the walls of the fridge weren’t cold, because they had been closed overnight they had kept the food cold, but this was about to change.  Since we were booked to do a party there was no way we could stay home for a repairman, so called and scheduled one for Monday.  Our auxiliary freezer was still not at capacity from it’s recent accidental defrostation, so I moved all the frozen food from the freezer which was holding temp but not sure if it was working still or not.  Then grabbed a handful of food from the fridge and dropped it to the freezer.  Figuring it would keep it cold if not freeze it.

When we arrived home peeked into the freezer and a bottle of water I had dropped in was not frozen, so I was feeling like it wasn’t going to be a solution to holding the fridge food.  But when Nana took her milk out to make her cereal it was frozen!  What’s up with bottled water that doesn’t freeze?  Have had this experience before with other brands of water, to me there must be too many chemicals in it dare I say anti-freeze?


Rolling Cooler--temp fridge!

Rolling Cooler–temp fridge!


Playmate refrigerators (coolers)

Playmate refrigerators (coolers)


Nope, passed, extended warranty expired 5 months ago!  Not looking forward to this bill!


We had purchased a bag of ice on the way home from a local deli $3 for a 5 lb. bag!  Set up the rolling cooler with some bagged ice and some odds and ends. This morning, on the way home with Charlie we stopped and bought a bag at the grocery store and got 10lbs for $3.99, much better deal.  Bought a quart of milk and set up the playmate with ice to hold the milk and some beers for later. Even the lunch box playmate has ziploc of ice and the just purchased ham and cheese. Went back this evening and picked up two more, filled the coolers and made a bag for drink ice and put in the small freezer then placed the balance in the fridge’s freezer to hold the other food I had dropped into it yesterday.

The Condiment Purge

This afternoon, I bravely opened the fridge and it was up to 70º, so I performed the “condiment purge”  Amazing what accumulates and remains in the fridge because you think, I’ll use that last tablespoon of the Peppadew Mustard in a sauce someday!  Here’s a picture of the empty jars on their way to the trash room.  I kept trying not to think about the $$$$ being poured down the drain…….!    IMG-20131006-00668




The Waiting Game

Repairman to be here between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. tomorrow!  With my luck he’ll arrive at 3:59 p.m.!  Stay tuned as I’m sure there’ll be more to this story!

Fingers crossed that it’ll be easy, quick and relatively cheap!

Eat Well….Be Well!






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