Safari on the table!

Safari Tablescape!

As promised the next tablescaping project is here!

There are two versions of the Safari look.  Both versions used a lot of props from my vast Giraffe collection but not all of it!

First here’s some of the Giraffe collection:

Part of the Giraffe collection!

Giraffes everywhere!











The first setting is the small table set for four, possibly a brunch or luncheon setting in my mind anyway! I used black napkins folded on the diagonal for place mats.  The paper Giraffe napkin when refolded provided 4 different safari scenes.

Giraffe Plate

Leopard Plate

Lion Plate





Zebra Plate!

And two overall shots:

The closer overall shot!

Very close in!










Giraffe handled salad servers, Giraffe headed Salt & Pepper shakers and Giraffe printed votive candles mixed with wood serving pieces and the smaller painted plate.

Now we move to the dining room and reset some of the Giraffe collection and set the table for 4.

The long shot!


The Table!

Safari Print Fabric, straw runner and placemats, copper lacquered chargers, white china and animal plates for each setting.

Another angle!

Close up of the centerpiece!

Two Giraffe Harmony Kingdom Boxes, just more of the collection!

Hope you enjoyed this one, next up will be Lemons & Limes!

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2 Responses to Safari on the table!

  1. Karen says:

    It is fun seeing your hobby coming to life on the table. Nice job.


  2. Chef Jim says:

    Thanx Karen, It’s another creative outlet for me and is less frustrating than other forms of art that I’m not as proficient in! LOL!


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