Tablescaping, my newest hobby!

Green Apple Table Setting

Green Apple Setting

After joining Pinterest I recognized my passion for tablescapes might interest others as it has always interested me.  I started thinking about the fact that Nana has taken some pictures over the years of my table settings, and they are all over our computers, I need to get them together and make a folder for them. The ones above and to the left, and the one below are from those pics, I remember the oohs and ahs from the guests when they saw the apple green and purple combo!  The other one is much subtler and one we use frequently.  There’s many more to be located.  But, meanwhile my mind was busy working on the need to do some new ones, even if just to develop a bit of a portfolio.

Subtlty at it's best!

I set about to do just that, starting last night after dinner while waiting for Nana to come home from work I got busy setting one up, tweaked it a few times and then based on her advice waited until this morning to take the final pictures.  My goal was to then tweak the original setting with some variances and show the variations on the theme that were possible.  As usual my mind works so much faster than my body and after the first revision I was already moving onto a completely different theme!

Here’s the first version we’ll call it Slightly Floral:

Slightly Florals for Two!

Another view of Slightly Florals!

The mini plates are painted with similar florals to the napkins, the tea light is simply perched atop a lacquered napkin ring. The white dish in the center is in the shape of a leaf and has a center spine and ribs for texture.



There are three salts at each place Hawaiian Red Salt; Pink Himalayan Salt and Black Lava Salt.




The variation is a play on the graphic nature of the base setting and we’ll nickname it Breadsticks:

Breadsticks Overall View

Breadsticks side view!

The breadsticks are set into an antique green glass flower frog from Nana’s collection! The Granny Smith apple is hollowed out just enough to house a tea light. The Capiz shell lined wood bowls add more organic feel to the table here.

I can tell you this was fun until it was time to take it down and move onto the next concept!  I have new found respect for photography stylists!  It’s tough being the creative person, the decorator, the prop man, and the photographer.  I’ve got the first three down, and am learning the photog part slowly!  So pardon the light reflection on glass and china.

Enjoy the scenery and look forward to the next theme: Safari!

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