Tea at the Forest Hills Women’s Club

Our friend, Sally, is the co-chairwoman of the International Studies Chapter of the Forest Hills, Women’s Club and as such invited me to create a presentation about the variety of International tastes and flavors in today’s food.  And to provide a tasting for their after meeting Tea!

In my presentation I challenged the group to start thinking about “melding” ingredients from other cultures into their own comfort zones.  Gave several ideas on how I might accomplish the melding and peaked their interest when I told them a few examples that they would soon be tasting with their Tea.

While they were enjoying their tea and my tastings I manned a separate table where I provided them with information about my business and  a few recipes.  It went very well and so many of the members said it was the best Tea yet.  I gave out lots of counter cards, business cards and recipes and lots of advice.  Spoke to several possible clients for Gift Certificates, Dinner Parties and regular service.

Of course the Sous Chef was by my side and ran the kitchen while I charmed the members.  She did a great job as always!  We spent the morning prepping  and had a few great volunteers to help.

The Chefs


Here’s the Tasting Menu:

Curried Chicken Salad on Cocktail Rye
Mini Fillo Brie/Apricot Bites
Mini Carprese Skewers
Hummus w/crudite & toasted Pita

Cranberry Bread w/Cranberry Butter
Mini Zucchini & Mini Corn Muffins
JKM Brownie Bites
Almond Biscotti/Chocolate Biscotti
Butter Waffle Cookies
Vanilla Yogurt Parfaits in Shooter glasses

Cranberry Bread and Cranberry Butter & Mini Muffins

Curried Chicken Salad Sandwiches






It was a very successful event!  What a great way to connect with the community!





Eat Well…Be Well!!

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One Response to Tea at the Forest Hills Women’s Club

  1. burke says:

    Butter Waffle Cookies?!?! Sounds YUM!


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