Fig and Goat Cheese Pizza

Can’t imagine improving on two of my favorite ingredients Fresh Figs and Goat Cheese.  We love, love, love, Fig and Goat Cheese Pizza.  Have made it on Naan Bread, Pocketless Pitas, and pre-made pizza doughs.  Always pretty straight forward, olive oil, figs, goat cheese, some herbs bake and eat.  Always delicious and satisfying.

Fresh Fig, Goat Cheese, Bacon, Caramelized Onion Pizza

But today, really felt like jazzing it up.  Started with the base of Trader Joe’s Rustic Ciabatta Flatbread, brushed on some extra virgin olive oil, baked it for 4 minutes in hot oven, pulled it out and added caramelized red onion strings, halved small fresh black figs that I pre-soaked in balsamic vinegar, dollops of Chevre, crumbled cooked bacon and a sprinkle of Fines Herbes.  A quick drizzle of balsamic vinegar and back into the oven for 8 minutes!  Let sit for a few moments and a drizzle of Spanish EVOO and a grinding of black pepper and it’s called heaven on a plate!  A very nice quick summer meal with a salad.



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5 Responses to Fig and Goat Cheese Pizza

  1. This was an awesome dinner for a hot summer night. With a glass of wine it hit the spot. This is surely a repeat item as far as I am concerned.


  2. sallybr says:

    For some reason I am intimidated about cooking with figs – not sure why. I must overcome my handicap… this pizza seems awesome, I would love to make tiny ones to serve as an appetizer or something

    thanks for the inspiration!


  3. Chef Jim says:

    Sally, I hear you, we grew up only knowing of figs via the fig preserves my father loved on his toast, and God forbid you were the person who finished the jar!! Then as an adult I discoverd fig jam and made lots of use of it, but still remained a fresh fig virgin! Until a few years ago when I ordered a salad with them at a restaurant! So simple, so fresh, so delicious–what the H—was I waiting for all these years?? Ran right out and bought some, eat them right out of hand, with goat cheese, in salads, broiled with balsamic vinegar and am always searching for recipes–especially good with pork tenderloin!! Port, red wine, brandy, balsamic vinegar all good pairings. So I say: Go For It! You won’t be sorry! Enjoy!


  4. Karen says:

    I love fresh figs and your pizza looks beautiful. Our little market never carries them but I do have jam preserves. I’ll experiment.


    • Chef Jim says:

      I love fig jam, maybe just spread it over your choice of flatbread then add dollops of goat cheese and a few slices of prosciutto! i’m thinking if you ran it under the broiler it might lightly crisp up the prosciutto! Good luck with your experiments!


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