Six degrees… Hell’s Kitchen!

Hell’s Kitchen premiered tonight on the Fox Network.  Our six degrees of separation are that Will Lustberg, a contestant, is a Sous Chef at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC, where our son-in-law, Howie works.  He and our daughter, Tiff, are good friends of Will’s having attended his wedding recently.  They have been anticipating Will’s performance on Hell’s Kitchen for awhile.  He’s back to work at the Waldorf and sworn to secrecy and cannot say how he did or if he had won or not!   It’s all hush-hush until the final episode airs!

Very exciting to have a direct connection to the competition.  If you caught the episode tonight you saw that Will survived unscathed from Chef Ramsey’s wrath; was the first winner of the initial challenge to cook their own signature dish; and was the only person who helped the guy who fell ill.  Check out Will’s Bio here.

We’re all cheering him on and await tomorrow nights episode to see more of Will’s efforts.

Stay Tuned!

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