>Travels to Rhode Island In June


We spent a wonderful week in Rhode Island with our Grandsons. We attended the youngest ones graduation from Kindergarten at Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary School!  We’re so proud of this little champ he let the proceedings in Our Father!  He stepped right up to the microphone and spoke very clearly into it!


He participated in several other group presentations and never missed a line of any of their recitations or songs.  He was amazing with just the right amount of “haminess” !IMG_0242

IMG_0222Sister Andrea says he’s a natural leader and many of his fellow classmates enjoy following him,  not always the right way but more often than not with respect.

He listed his favorite things about school were:  1. Being a Door Holder  2. Free Play on Fridays 3. Music Class


We were just beaming with pride as were his parents, older brother and Grandpa Mario!


The next day was spent at the Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary School’s Field Day @ Grist Mill Pool & Tennis Club! It was tough work being a chaperone, but we managed to suffer through all the fun and frolic!  What an amazing time!  What lucky students to get to spend a day there and it was glorious weather to boot!

IMG_0274 IMG_0294IMG_0283IMG_0296

We also spent time at the Soccer Field where the boys attended a soccer clinic which ensured they’d sleep well that night!IMG_0213

It was a great week and we enjoyed ourselves getting to be the spoiling Grandparents for 5 days!

Of course Poppa cooked and made a variety of dishes including Spaghetti and Meatballs; Grilled Chicken with Tomatillo Salsa; Marinated Grilled Steaks; Asian Style Chilean Sea Bass;  Roasted Balsamic Glazed Vegetables; Rice; Roasted Potatoes w/Cheese; Farfalle Pasta Salad; Corn and Lots of Salads!

We ate well, and played hard!

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2 Responses to >Travels to Rhode Island In June

  1. rihuffs says:

    >Wow that's awesome!!! Loved having you both here. Thank u for all the help, we really appreciate it.


  2. Chef Jim says:

    >@rihuffs Never a problem, did your Mom get home ok? Miss you all!


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