>Monday Lunch


Rummaging around in a “Chef’s” refrigerator can muster up an odd bounty of bits of ingredients.  Occasionally, there’s a way to pull several of them together for a truly impromptu dish. 

Case in point:
Today, I started tackling the pile of Magazines with turned down pages, to enter marked recipes into Mastercook.  Since I haven’t done this since January, so there’s quite a few to deal with. In the background I have the new Cooking Channel on, they are running a marathon of shows, each one seems to have two episodes back to back, sort of an introductory tasting of each personality. After finishing Everyday Food issues I realized I was starving.  Craving so many different tastes I knew I’d never be able to match the craving with a planned peanut butter and jelly sandwich!!  Albeit on Eli Zabar’s Manor House bread!


So a-rummaging I went.  Found the container of leftover roasted tomatoes used for:Long Fusilli with Roasted Tomatoes what to make, what to do?  Don’t want to cook pasta, after all, we had homemade ravioli for dinner last night (will write about that disaster later).  Eggs, beautiful cage free brown eggs!  Slice of the Manor House bread toasted with two scrambled eggs a healthy spoonful of the heated roasted tomatoes, a dollop of ramp pesto and a few shavings of Parmesano Reggiano!  Yum Yum!
I apologize for the picture quality it’s from my crackberry, Nana, the photog was in the laundry room and I couldn’t find her camera. And I really wanted to eat it while it was hot!!  But you’ll get the idea from the fuzzy rendition!

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